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Blog Plan 2016 – so do a cruel blog strategy!

Blog Plan 2016 – so do a cruel blog strategy!

by adminAugust 12, 2016

2016 is here with a bang and inspiration back to haunt you. This year will be the best ever for your blog! But you may wonder in silence the secret behind professional bloggers’ success? Are you struggling to find inspiration and you feel stressed about not blogging enough or often? What you need is a blog strategy.

No matter what kind of blog you are driving, you win both time and energy to put up a plan for the blog. In this post, we will go through how you should consider when planning your 2016!

Blog plan

1. The purpose of the blog

What do you want with your blog anyway? This should make clear, at least to yourself, otherwise, it is difficult to take a clear direction to blog. What is your “editorial mission”?Write together a sentence or two about what is the purpose of the blog.


  • Share my knowledge about my field of expertise.
  • Building personal brand.
  • Earn Money.
  • Create online relationships and support.

2. Who is your reader?

Define your target audience. Who do you want to read your blog and why? Write down who your ideal reader is, in as much detail as possible, and have that person in mind when writing your posts.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish ‘- Create a cruel blog strategy!

3. What will you write about?

What should blog about? How often should you write? To get a growing and loyal readership requires a consistent approach that you follow. Put a framework in which you determine the schedule, topics, style, and tone. Write down the important dates in your calendar content you can create content around (festivals, fairs, trips).

You can easily print out a calendar of holidays and celebrations here .

4. Post Ideas

Gather your blog ideas in one place. That great idea that you get just before going to bed or on the bus or walk the dog, it has a tendency to disappear before you know it. Since I have a notebook in Evernote where I write drafts based on supporting words. Check back, fill, write about.

5. Objectives of 2016

Where do you want to take your blog in 2016? Set up a number of goals (not too many, about 5-10 is good enough) and follow them up every month so that you know that you are moving in the right direction.

When companies define their goals, we often use the SMART model :

  • SPECIFIC . The objectives should be clear and specific, such as “I’ll write five posts a week”
  • Measurable . Tex “I should have 1000 unique readers a week”
  • ACCEPTED . This is about everyone involved is okay with the target. In this case, it’s just you so I keep my fingers crossed!
  • POSSIBLE . To think that you should write five blogs a day, working full time and taking care of your family may not be realistic. Then it is better to put the goal is to write one or two.
  • TIME RESOLVED . When should the targets be reached? Maybe you can set targets per month?

Now I hope that I started the gears in your head. But do not just think – write it down! It is proven time and time again that we consolidate things when we write it down. Run hard, we make 2016 the best year ever!

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