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November 7, 2016


Direct sunlight on a building can be very disturbing if one lacks sun protection of any kind. Shines in through a window, the temperature can rise to uncomfortable levels. But this can be easily avoided by installing sun protection both indoors and outdoors. Awnings and blinds are basically the same purposes, but they often look very different and vary in the material.

Awnings are used, which most certainly has an eye on, outside a building. There are many different types of awnings in various shapes and colors. You can even use the pattern for a bit more tailored look. Awnings are usually categorized as follows:

Awnings for doors : Awnings of doors do you put up when you [...]
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August 18, 2016

Installing Hardwood Floors

Dreaming of a wooden floor with nice long planks. Screwing such requires that you angle the screws right, so that the floor does not crack. We take you through the steps to add a wood floor.

WHAT YOU NEED TO ADD WOOD FLOORS Hardwood floors rag felt Screwdriver Screws Jigsaw cleancut blade multi-Tools Circular saw with vacuum Hammer Tapping block Hangover / Bracket wedges HERE’S HOW TO ADD WOOD FLOORS Start by keeping your wooden planks in the indoor temperature of at least seven days before putting the floor. Place rag board on the floor. Remember to first make sure that the floor is completely clean. If you have a large room so you need to splice the planks? Glue [...]
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