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Garden Design – create your dream garden
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Garden Design – create your dream garden

by adminAugust 16, 2016

Are you a real garden enthusiast who wants to keep track of the latest trends to the garden? Should you plan your garden design, but are not sure how you should go about it? Here you will find everything you need to know – from planning to form cutting.

Plan garden

Are you ready to design your garden, but need some tips and inspiration? Perhaps you’re wondering how to create a welcoming entrance, or how to create spatiality in the garden. You may want to bring in features patio, bike racks or playground, but do not really know how to get them to blend in garden style? Our experts give you their best advice.

Maybe you want to make paths in your garden, and then choose between putting tile, stone, or to create a nature trail? If you have a small garden that you want to design, but are not sure how you plan it? We tell you what to think about.

Want to create a park-like feeling in your garden – here are tips on how to think when you plant.

Maybe you fell a tree on the site but are unsure what to do. Need to contact the landowner, and what does shoreline protection? It will be answered here.

Garden Turf

Turf or Grass in the garden plays very important role in Garden Design. Check out the different Turf varieties here >>

Different styles in the garden

Are you looking to create a Nordic garden, a romantic garden or perhaps a modern garden? Here you will find tips on matching details. Do you have a functionalist building and want to create the same feeling in your garden? Here you can find tips on everything from the bushes and trees that suit the lighting to fit in a functional style garden.

Looking for inspiration and ideas for a Japanese garden? What really defines a Japanese garden, and how you should think about planting? We give you tips!

Form Cut garden

Are you curious about how it could look like with a shape cut garden. There you will find inspiration here. You also get tips on what tools are needed, and how you cut out detail.

Pond or fountain in the garden

Are you eager to create a beautiful water features in your garden? A pond, fountain or a stream, perhaps? Maybe you are unsure about appropriate placement, or whether you need a pump or filter. We give you the best tips and tell you what you need to make it possible. You will also find advice on the maintenance of the pond or fountain. For example, what to do if the water begins to turn green, or how to get your fish to thrive.

Besides all the practical tips you will also find plenty of reading tips for both small and large gardens.

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