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Gold is the hottest stolen goods during a burglary
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Gold is the hottest stolen goods during a burglary

by adminNovember 10, 2016

Gold jewelry is popular with burglary

A problem with the stolen goods is to price the thief on sales is around 10% of the value. When a thief comes across gold jewelry at a burglary, the market price by sending them through the mail to a company which then weighs the gold and sending money back. No company receiving stolen goods but then the weight is paid for as it works well to use a hammer to modify your jewelry and presto, they do not recognise anymore.


The crime hotspots of Sydney and New South Wales

Look at the map, shows the Crime hot spots in NSW & Sydney. Just think about your safety specially in summer vacation. You must need a Home security system.

Stop thief to break into your home

Preventing burglaries : Get an alarm that keeps thieves away. Another good tip against burglary is to not store your gold jewelry at home. Most they are smart and hide them in the bedroom and it is also where the thieves are looking first. Get a safe deposit box or safe where you can safely store them. The gold jewelry you like to use, you can of course have on you 🙂

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