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Is there a trick to get rid of the moss?
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Is there a trick to get rid of the moss?

by adminAugust 16, 2016

Help, moss makes me crazy – there are some tricks to get rid of it?

I get mad at the moss in our garden. In addition to most of the grass consists of the moss are also out of stone plates. Is there a trick to get rid of the moss? I have heard that the herbicide Round-up is a carcinogen, what are the alternatives?

Answer: I do not think toxins and culture belong together. To get rid of moss between the plates, it is best to clean with a weed iron that cut the joints. If it grows moss on top of the tiles, you can try using a pressure washer. The plates will be clean but chances are you dirty surroundings instead, then align the right pressure washer.

Is your garden shaded? The shade from trees and shrubs makes the grass grow worse. Most grasses want sun, but there is shade tolerant varieties that you can then enter the sparse places to get a denser carpet.

The nitrogen fertilisation can be stronger grass and moss is reduced. If the pH is too low, the nitrogen can be tightly bound in the soil and the grass can not take up nutrients. By liming, you can raise the pH to release nitrogen.

If you consider instant turf check Coolabah Instant turf suppliers in Melbourne. Find top quality Grass for your garden.

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