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Meadow or lawn?
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Meadow or lawn?

by adminApril 18, 2017

You can plant bulbs in the lawn in many different ways. Either in groups under a raised divot or one by one. Use the trowel but not planting stick, leaving a void in the onion.

To answer that question should not be particularly difficult. For the individual garden grower who wants a green carpet walking outdoors and staying in for the time of year as possible, meadow no good choice!

Meadow with grass and flowers in the association is open landscapes mat, and looks best with grazing animals. Compared with mowed lawn can tolerate neither wearing down or is very much on the eyes as it “has been beaten,” and the beautiful has become hay.

Flowers in the grass like you might if some of man but then it is hardly the poor soil loving meadow flora you will see no more the good earth plants speedwell, dandelion, yarrow with more civilised and custom weeds. In addition, all sorts of flowering bulbous plants like Narcissus, Tulipa sylvestris, and then some. Just bulbs that can easily be grown in the cut grass if they are treated as annuals.

You can plant bulbs in the lawn in the autumn, and then preferably in groups. They will nicely up in the spring, some very early also, they bloom and then cut together with the grass, when the leaves have withered.

sea grass

A meadow by the sea, original and beautiful. The amount of aberrations is large, most of the prototypes of lawn grasses can be found here.

Since the bulbs of this type are inexpensive to buy will cost this springlike floral in the grass not much compared to what it offers, and then there have been a flowering slightly extended like lawn during the time of year when flowers mean more than they do any other time. You also avoid experiencing the disappointment of a failed extended creative with it. For it is not easy to get in wilderness and nature-oriented experience in the landscaped garden if it is not very large and suitable for it.

The lawn, a nice soft carpet outdoor furnished with plants of various kinds, can never be completely replaced by the meadow. The space may not be sufficient, the soil may be too nutritious. To grow thin it is not so easy, how do the other garden plants in the lawn such a regimen? You can not operate on a meadow in the same way as a lawn, at least not if you love the meadow. A meadow flower treading rises hardly more, traces remain long in the meadow grass. Children with violent play among the flowers in the meadow might be sorry afterwards. On the lawn noticed nothing because it can withstand abuse.

Creating a meadow

Creating a meadow

A lawn built with all the technical means available, unlike the meadow, which also must be created with love, patience and care. When creating a meadow, around the summer cottage or farm, you sometimes have to work in a different way than with the lawn. Instead of improving the soil of the lawn, it may be necessary to degrade the meadow soil so that the humus content is lower, a kind of slimming regime. The agent is the large amounts of coarse sand. No fertilisation, as well as wild meadow is also the landscaped meadow live on decaying plant debris.


Lots of shapes and colors is great in the meadow.

The meadow is finished grass seed mixtures, containing most fescue but also small amounts of common bent, wild timothy and cynosurus cristatus. It is expected that it is sufficient with about 1 kg seed per 100 m2.

A special meadow flowers blend are also available, with a variety of perennial low and medium-high flower species that fit.

Before sowing, the soil should preferably be threaded a summer and worked several times, for example with harrow or motor hack, so that the weeds disappear.

When it was time, the soil should be well in the seedbed.

Flower Meadow seed should not be mixed with grass seed without sauce for himself afterward, in square meters “islands”, which left unsown for sowing grass seed.

The meadow is the lie after flowering, and then the various species set seed. Best mowing months tend to be in September. The flowers will remain untouched a few weeks before they raked up. When the time the seeds fall off and help spread the different flower meadow plants.

One has to expect that it will take at least a few years to create a field of flowers!

lawn or


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