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August 12, 2016

SEO stressed? Make friends with Google – and yourself

Are you among those who become stressed about search engine optimization and know that each post that does not get the little lamp in the Yoast will light green is a waste of time? Take it easy! Today a chill pill that will make you think again.

SEO is, of course, a very good tool for visibility on the Internet and an important factor when it comes to increasing your blog’s traffic. But lately, I feel that it has become a bit of an obsession and something that makes it more hassle than pleasurable blogging.

So – how you keep the passion for blogging AND your friendship with Google?

I think this – we divide our posts into three different [...]

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August 12, 2016

Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers

SEO (search engine optimization), or SEO , is largely about being popular with Google and is an important key to your success as a blogger.Successful SEO is a mix of good, relevant content (content), the structure of your page (it should be clear and easy to find) and some technical pieces. Today you get a crash course in the most important parts of SEO science!

One advantage that we bloggers have compared with many other sites, such as corporate sites that may be relatively static, is that blogs are generally updated very often – stuff like Google! A blog consists also often Manger of well-written content – even a favorite with Google. A blog that concept is, [...]

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A welcome surprise on an X-ray. Have a great Friday. #lentinidental #fridayfunday😎 @ Lentini Dental ... See MoreSee Less

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Enjoy those treats, but watch that they don’t trick you later. #brushtwiceaday #halloween #greatteeth #lentinidental #werribee #dentistwerribee #werribeedentist #healthyteeth ... See MoreSee Less

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