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Yoast – the best of search engine optimization in WordPress

Yoast – the best of search engine optimization in WordPress

by adminAugust 12, 2016

Yoast SEO is a plugin, an addendum to WordPress that helps you search engine optimize your posts in the best possible way and thus create a stream of new traffic directly from Google! In previous articles, we have gone through the basics of search engine optimisation , and now it’s time to go down a little more in depth. Today we go through Yoast!

To search engine optimize your blog posts can be difficult, partly because there are many different parameters you need to keep track of. It is here Yoast comes into the picture, it facilitates search engine optimization of each blog post you write.

When you create a new post analyzes Yoast direct content and assesses how the search engines will perceive it. The “content analysis” section, you are provided also with practical tips on how to improve the post from an SEO perspective.

Focus keywords

Yoast SEO

The image above shows how the Yoast looks when you start to write a new blog post. For it to be possible to make a fair analysis of your blog post, you need to enter a focus keyword . It is a word (or phrase) to tell the search engine what the post is about. Thus you should not write multiple keywords with commas between.

The keyword or phrase should be the one you think most people will use to locate the type of blog post.


The title of the post should include a focus keyword / phrase you have chosen for the post, even better if the keyword is placed at the beginning of the title. In the example in this post, we have selected the keyword “domain name”. It may feel unnatural at first to do this, but it makes a difference in the search results then.


The post should be at least 300 words long, otherwise, deems the search engines that your post does not contain enough value to the reader. You can also improve the assessment of content, it contains pictures, links, and headings. A bonus is if these contain the keyword / phrase, but where it is also important not to exaggerate.

A new feature of Yoast is also that your post is undergoing a Flesch-Kincaid readability test which assesses whether the post is easy to read. It evaluated including the length of words and sentences is measured.


Permalink is the direct link to your post and changed the title. This is normally controlled by the settings you have in WordPress already, but you would like to customize the permalink for search engines so you can do it here.

My recommendation is that you always have a readable and clear permalink as standard.It can be set to Settings> Permalinks in WordPress. I have chosen to have the date in permalänkarna on my personal site for that I think it contributes to a clear structure, but it is not a must.

meta Description

The meta description is the snippet shown in the search engine under the heading when your blog post shows up as a result. Although it should contain keyword-focused and on a good way to describe the post’s content.

Yoast will automatically show the first 160 characters of your post but I would recommend that you write your own meta description. When you really get the opportunity to “entice” the reader with an appealing description.

The goal of all – green light

After you complete these steps, the goal is to Content icon will turn green. This means that your blog post is adapted to search engines’ requirements and expectations.

With all settings, it may look like the picture below. Yoast judge post and the green dots represent what is “acceptable”, while the dots, orange represents resistant to improvement.

Do you use Yoast? What do you think?Please leave a comment below!

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